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Feature Free Professional
Schematic editor size & component count Unlimited Unlimited
Commercial use    
Public designs Unlimited Unlimited
Private designs 5 Unlimited
Private group projects None Unlimited
Share schematics & simulation results with URL    
Embed live designs & waveforms in a website    
Use of open-source analog, mixed-signal, multi-discipline & control/block-diagram VHDL-AMS model libraries    
Model builder tool for datasheet-calibrated components, with built-in “Rating-Aware” stress monitoring    
Full support for user creation & editing of VHDL-AMS models & symbols    
DC, transient & frequency domain simulation & analysis    
On-schematic waveform probes for nets & component internal values    
Multi-waveform mixed-signal Analysis Tool    
Color-coded “Error-Free Wiring” for multi-discipline system schematics    
Component “Smart Drop” automated wiring    
Time-Domain Frequency Sweep (TDFS) analysis (i.e. AC or frequency response analysis for mixed-signal and sampled data systems).    
Thermal & electro-thermal models (e.g. fuses, heat-transfer, hot-part monitor)    
Magnetic & electro-magnetic models (e.g. motors, electro-magnet, magnetic core, LVDT)    
Three-phase power system models    
Power & energy tracking in all models    
Models developed on can be used in the SystemVision Enterprise multi-physics development environment    
Full VHDL-AMS model compatibility with SystemVision desktop tools    

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